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Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

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This scalp brush helps in scalp massage and lathering shampoo much better. Easy to get all of the dirt, buildup, dandruff and shampoo out. This is like having waaaaay more fingers!

The shampoo brush with scalp massager helps massaging oils on the scalp and improve blood flow to areas massaged which is good for hair growth. A great gospel for those suffered from hair loss, dandruff and sensitive scalp.

Customer Reviews

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My first time using one & I LOVE IT!

It’s pretty & purple looks just like the picture 😍
I have issues with oily skin & buildup in general aside from sweating during my workout which makes my scalp feel pretty uncomfortable at times. This scalp massager is gentle yet effective & doesn’t hurt my scalp when I scrub in the shower. I use it the same way I use my hands & massage in a circular motion with shampoo until I don’t feel the buildup on my scalp anymore. I was nervous at first having never had one before but it worked perfectly & now I use it everytime 🥹 (get you one too lol)